Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surf City

Atticus and his new lifeguard friend guard lives.

It's been a busy couple of days. In addition to packing and prepping the house for Clyde, I had a book event at the Long Beach Island branch of the Ocean County Library. To be honest, driving for three hours was not on my list of Fun Things To Do the day before starting a major roadtrip. But it was completely worth it.

I grew up on Long Island about a five minute walk from the Long Island Sound. I love Philly, but I do miss seeing the ocean. I like sand in my toes and the smell of the sea and the sound of crashing waves and all that, but I rarely get the chance to visit the beach. It was really nice to arrive at the library early and walk the two blocks to see the Atlantic. With Atticus.

I asked the lifeguard if he wouldn't mind me putting Atticus next to him for a photo-op. "I don't think that's a good idea," he said. I understood. He had important swimmer-watching to do. "I'm a Yankees fan," he explained. "OH COME ON," I said, and he agreed.

"I wish I'd brought my Yankees cap," he said. "And you call yourself a fan," I said, "I'm carrying this furry green thing to the beach." "True," he said, "I've got to give you props." Now I think he's under the assumption that I carry Atticus everywhere I go. Which is mostly not true.

The water was so, so nice. But I had to get back to the library.

The program went well--I was pretty impressed with the turnout, considering it was a beautiful day and the beach is RIGHT THERE. But everyone was very friendly and it was very fun.

There's a lot going on at the Long Beach Island branch of the Ocean County Library.

This awesome girl had already read the book. She was my favorite. I told her so.

The librarians laughed at me when they found out the route I had taken to get to Surf City. I believe there was also some eye-rolling and maybe a small guffaw. They sent me back on a much quicker way, which lead me past this sign--
No. No, don't untie, or unite. Lurn how to spell!

And then guess what I did next before going home?

The first person to guess correctly gets a postcard...

Tomorrow we set out.

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  1. You went through a carwash?
    Don't know if I'm signed in. Love, Mia