Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mainline Art Center and Children's Book World

One of the coolest things about doing book events at schools and camps is that I get to do a little teaching. Since starting off on this book-writin' journey I quit my teaching gigs, but from graduating from art school in 2002 it was a rare season where I didn't teach at least one class. I've taught heaps of art classes, I've substituted in high schools, and once I was even an SAT prep instructor. Although nothing beats the freedom that comes with working for myself in my own studio, I do miss getting in front of a group of kids and showing them how to do something. So on Friday I went to the Mainline Art Center in Haverford, PA, to talk about the book and show some kids how to draw cartoons.

Students diligently working. The assignment was to draw a conversation between two characters that they'd made up.

I can never resist a good monkey drawing.

After a while, you expect to see pictures of kittens and manga characters. This jellyfish was something delightfully new. Not a platylo, but still, pretty cool.

This is pretty much how I look when I'm happy with one of my drawings.

After having some fun with the kids at the art center I went to Children's Book World, one of my favorite local bookstores, to sign books. It's full of kids books, and I was too busy chatting with the awesome staff there to take many pictures. Still, check out this amazing bookshelf.


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