Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 10: Denver

Dynamic topography! Hooray!

No book events, but Mark and I spent a day in the Rockies, where all views are amazing and made even more amazing by the addition of a small furry Phanatic.

Atticus views the splendor of nature.

Atticus contemplates the splendor of nature.

Atticus sticks out his odd nose-tongue at the splendor of nature.

Atticus humps up on the splendor of nature.

Descending the mountain, we took care not to run into this guy. Yes, that's a unicycle. Yes, he's going down a mountain. On a unicycle. With no helmet. We were kind of terrified to pass him.

Atticus in Golden, Colorado. On a buffalo. Not having a book event to go to leaves us a whole lot of time to run around taking pictures of Atticus.

After our high altitude adventures we went to Andi and Peter's wedding. I love a good wedding, and this was a very good wedding. Tears during the ceremony, laughter during the toasts, good food, good music, a very enthusiastic hora (if you don't know what a hora is, then I am sorry, because it is just the greatest wedding dance in the history of ever), and a traditional Swedish dance routine performed by Peter's college friends to an ABBA song. But the best part of it was seeing the bride and groom looking all full of schmoopy joy to be married to each other. It was wonderful. Everyone should be free to have a beautiful day like theirs.

Andi, Peter, and their adoring fans.

And then our nephew tried to jump in Evergreen Lake.

My brother, demonstrating his parenting skills by keeping his son from jumping into Evergreen Lake.

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