Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lydia and Julie's Thoughts on Summer (sort of not really)

August 5th
“Guest post” from Lydia and Julie about the summer

So this blogpost suggestion from Morgan sounded like a really good idea when she sent it four days ago at 1:35 in the afternoon. But now it is 4:51am and I’M FREAKING OUT.

There are several problems. The first, most pressing problem is that I’M AWAKE AT 4:51 IN THE MORNING, and in order to be sitting here at my computer means that I’ve been awake for a while and finally just gave up on sleeping. This is what happens when I drink coffee on a Saturday—awake at O-dark-thirty on a Sunday morning, because my body is unused to caffeine.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Starbux at the Steamtown Mall? I texted our good friends from Syracuse who were meeting us in Scranton. When we got there we’d been in the car for over two hours, and I’d been up since O-dark-thirty because of anxiety about forgetting the billion and one things that I thought I had to bring in anticipation of Anya’s every need (What if my ten-month-old’s bladder magically turns into some sort of thoroughbred horse peeing machine’s bladder? PACK MOAR DIAPERS!!!) Coffee seemed like a fabulous idea, especially because you can buy it in iced form with floaty bits of caramel that you can suck through a straw.


Maybe the coffee alone wouldn’t have done me in, but having that late-afternoon cola in the car was basically me telling my brain, “We are getting up EARLY!” And now we’re up and my brain is all, “Guess what??? I’m sleep-deprived and I can’t think of one good thing to write about what Lydia and Julie think about summer! Hope you enjoyed that Coke Zero, doofus. Now Morgan is going to drive to Philadelphia and repeatedly hit us in the head with a frying pan.”

Morgan seems really super nice and not at all like the sort of person who drives two hours on a Sunday just to bean someone in the head. She might not even have a car. Or a frying pan. But it’s really early and I’m given to hyperbole.

The second problem is that just because I can’t think of one good thing to write about what Lydia and Julie think about summer doesn’t mean that I can’t think of a bunch of boring things to write about what Lydia and Julie think about summer.

Lydia: You know what’s great about summer?

Julie: Everything.

Lydia: Everything is great about summer.

Julie: Sometimes it’s too hot.

Lydia: Everything is great about summer except for when it’s too hot.

Julie: Yes.

Lydia: This has been a fascinating exchange, we should do it more often.

Julie: Let’s do so.

When people think that writing is hard, they’re really wrong. Writing isn’t that hard; writing stuff that people want to keep reading is a different story all together.

But please keep suggesting blog topics, Morgan and everybody else! One of these days I will prove that all your good brain-thinking is not in vain…


  1. You would look great with a mustache on when you are dreaming that summer is perfect...except when it is too hot. :)
    Addy, age 8, from Auburn, Maine

    Addy just finished reading all of your books, and we were hoping to find out if there will be more adventures with Julie and Lydia. Do you have anything in the works?
    Heather, Addy's mom, age 36, also from Auburn, Maine

  2. Lydia & Julie's exchange seems particularly humorous to me, but then I haven't had any sleep all night either (sick baby). Sleep deprivation, it makes the world interesting, or in my case humorous.

  3. Heather and Addy: Yes! I'm working on the fifth Popularity Papers book right now!

    BookyG: I AM SO THERE.

  4. How did you get the idea to write these (fantastic) books? How did you develop/come up with the characters? Please respond in blog format (mention me). I love your books.
    Avid Reader/Ana

  5. Are you going to make a new book soon?