Saturday, August 18, 2012

And the title of the 5th Popularity Papers is...

Coming up with a title for a book is not easy. Not only does it have to sound good, and not already be taken, and make sense, but it also has to be agreed upon by approximately 784 people at Amulet Books, as well as my literary agent, my husband, and my cat.

THIS IS A LIE! NO ONE LISTENS TO ME. Close the shower curtain, I need to be alone.

Usually I come up with a bunch of ideas. Some of them are good, some of them are okay, and some of them are just terrible but that's what happens when you run out of good ideas (ex. The Popularity Papers 5: Can You Believe That We're On The Fifth Book Already with Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang?) Then my editor makes suggestions, my agent makes suggestions, the marketing department makes suggestions, some random people on the street make suggestions, and slowly but surely we come up with something that everyone loves. Or that everyone likes. Or that no one recoils from.

I'm excited about this one, so without further ado, the title for the fifth Popularity Papers will be...

(drumroll, pleez)

The Popularity Papers 5:
The Awesomely Awful Melodies of
Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang

Finally I can stop referring to it as PP5, until I get tired of typing out The Popularity Papers 5: The Awesomely Awful Melodies of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang and go back to PP5, but I'm pretty thrilled with the title so hopefully that won't happen for a while.

You heard it here first, dear blog readers! You are the first people to know, besides everyone at Amulet, my husband, and my dad (who was all, "THE AWFULLY WHAT OF THE WHAT? Oh. That's nice.")

The Popularity Papers 5: The Awesomely Awful Melodies of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang! Coming to bookstores next Spring...


  1. Yay! I started reading pps when I went to the store and bought the 3rd book (didn't know there was a series until I actually read the book lol) and I LOVED it!! And ordered all the books and they arrived 2days ago... I finished them yesturday though =(  I'm from London and I'm a HUGE PPS fan!! Is Lydia and Chuck EVER going 2 be together? They'd be such a cute couple oh and Julie and Roland! She's short and he's tall, that has cute written ALL over it! Yeah I think a bit of romance would be nice, you know, as there now teens and I think they deserve something new! Ok now I'm talking 2 much, urgh I just love reading pps! Your drawings are spectacular! I love that graphic cute style in the drawings - well except Lydias of course! LOVE you and julie and lydia and papa dad and daddy and mum and bad cat and melody and roland and chuck and sukie and ALL of the characters I haven't named!

    Loads of love from your #1 fan and a "Learn Improve" member from London, Midia xxx

    1. Me: I realised I wrote pp5 when I meant just PP....... Just to confirm. Uhhhh....... This is awkard. *rocks back and forth and sucks in cheeks*

      Me: nice weather were having...... Sooo maybe we could just- GOOOOOO OUTCASTS!!!!! *runs out the room with a grin and a bucket of Kool aid, conditioner and water*

      Me: mwahahaha!! *runs out the door, hair looking like bubblegum ice cream! Mmm yummay!*

      Me: Shih-tzus and The Bichons ain't got nuthin on mee!! *Lydia and Julie walks in when I leave*

      Julie: what's up with her?......

      Lydia: Someone needs to read the popularity papers..... That girl seriously needs some help!

      Julie: medical help yeah.

      Lydia: therapy more like!

      Julie: totally.

      Lydia: I'm gonna get Chuck so we can Eskiremi her butt!

      Julie: whoa! Slow down there Lydia! Wait till I get my hockey stick! I may not be in the team now but I still got my moves!!

      Lydia: *lifts up stick like she's about to wack someone on the head with it*

      Julie: *raises hockey stick above head like she's about to poke you in the gut with it

      Lydia and Julie: FREEDOM TO THE PP!!!

      Lydia and Julie: *puts stuff down*

      Lydia: *laughs hysterically* hahahaha PP! Do you get it? Like pee pee? Ohmigod!! Breaaaath!!! Haha!

      Julie: *smiles and shakes her head with her hand covering her forehead* we are messed up.

      Lydia: *sigh* totally

      Julie: *gives Lydia dirty look* seriously?!

      Lydia: whaaaat?!

      Julie: *shakes head ashamed* oh man, we better get started on our next scrap book.... Were gonna need it. *sigh* come on.

      Lydia: *starts tearing up* ohh yes, for that lunatic that ran away with the same colour as my hair! We'll do this for her! That poor poor girl!!

      Julie: *starts tearing up too* TOTALLY!!

      Lydia: *now she's giving the dirty look*

      Julie: *groans* let's just do this thing

      Lydia: *wipes nose with tissue* alright then.

      Julie and Lydia: *walk out talking about possibilities for there next scrap book*

      Amy. I: ...... What just happened here? How did that 'girl' enter my office?! Oh and I thought Julie and Lydia lived in my head!! I better get some sleep!!!! Never. Drinking. Coffee. Again!!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is HILARIOUS. Thank you! Seriously, only decaf tea from this point forward.

  3. Well I'm glad your taking my suggestion into hand. Was flipping thru ur books and was thinking at how much inspire me and how ur book is so.... ME!! It's fun, weird, quirky and that's how ppl describe me!

    .............. But it's mostly weird.

    Including loud and embarrassing but that's fine isn't it?..... Right?

    Lol but I just justify myself and say "I'm not weird... I'm special... There's a difference"

    You have to be my favourite author!! Please say when your around east London!! Would loveEEEEE sooo badEEEEE to see youEEEE!!!

    Four words. No six. No four! Four words.... Can't Wait Until PP5!! (don't no if PP5 counts as a word or just uhhhh I don't know...)

    Loads of love from your #1 fan and 'learn improve' member from London,

    Midia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..... Ok too much kisses (oh who am I kidding?! There's never enough kisses!!) xxxxxxxxxx

    P. S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. when will five come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!