Monday, July 19, 2010



We're back in Philly! We went from Vermont to Albany to Troy to Syracuse to Binghamton to Scranton and now we're back. Sure we saw my college roommates and friends who used to live in Philly and other friends of Mark's from his college days, and yes, there was a book event, and we visited my dad's old college campus, and a restaurant in Scranton where part of an episode of "The Office" took place. All good, important things that have been photographed and are noteworthy, and I'll get to them, but for now, I want to talk about this guy--

Up close and personal with Atticus the Phanaticus

Atticus is my Phanatic. The Phanatic, for those who don't know, represents the World Series Championship Winning Philadelphia Phillies, and is simply the greatest team mascot in the history of ever. Don't believe me? Behold--

ENOUGH SAID. Mark and I are fans of both the team and the Phanatic, and he gave me the gift of my very own Phanatic--Atticus. Atticus was born in Citizen's Bank Stadium at the Build-A-Phanatic shop, where I picked him out from a pile of floppy Phanatics and then some nice lady attached him to a machine that shoved fluff up his butt. Then I picked out his heart, made a wish on it, and the nice lady shoved that up his butt and sewed him up. Now he's that little bit of home that we bring with us when we go on these roadtrips, so I thought I'd best explain the weird little green creature that will be showing up in a lot of our photos.

Some introductory Atticus snaps. He's given to climbing on public art.

Atticus in Bennington, VT

Atticus in Syracuse, NY

Atticus being even less appropriate in Syracuse, NY

More to come as Atticus travels with us. Tomorrow I'll post about the rest of our trip (and yes, there's a photo of a sasquatch attacking Tali) but for right now there's a Phillies game to watch and a very needy cat to attend to.

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