Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I've Been a Negligent Blogger

Meet Anya! She's pretty new.

Hi Everyone!

So we went and had a baby. She's pretty great, but taking care of her takes a lot of time (mostly doing laundry). But no worries, I'm back to writing and drawing books and I'm training her how to color them in. So far she just wants to put the markers into her mouth. It's an uphill process. But I'm really excited about PP4 coming out in April (The Popularity Papers 4: The Rocky Road Trip of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang) so I'll be doing some touring again and updating the blog on a more regular basis. In theory...


  1. Tour down Dallas way... we'd love to see you. Maybe "The Real Bookstore" in The Villages of Fairview shopping center (north of Dallas).

    I also read the first 13 pages of PP1 to my 5th grade daughter off my iPad last night. She was suitably impressed.

  2. Oh my! She's amazing! Look at those eyes! Congratulations! Was just writing up my review for PP3 and looking for cover art for PP4 and discovered your blog. Wow. I know everyone says it, but enjoy this time. When you are ready, I am sincerely hoping for a PP5... No pressure, though. Regards - Tanya @